Dominique Davis
Partner : COO
With over a decade of industry experience, Dominique Davis is a versatile professional who has excelled in dual roles as a producer and casting director for numerous prestigious studios and brands. Her global perspective on production, driven by her multi-cultural background and extensive travel, has enabled her to seamlessly produce content across the United States and Europe. She has skillfully assembled talented teams to serve prominent clients such as Sony, Lionsgate, NBCU, BBC, and renowned brands like Samsung, Grey Goose, Chase, StateFarm, Elle Magazine, and Reebok, among others. Her work primarily focuses on doc-series, commercials, and DVD series, with a special emphasis on fitness, health, and wellbeing. Dominique has collaborated with notable figures including Madonna, Sting, Jane Fonda, Brittney Spears, Rob Gronkowski, and Deepak Chopra, maintaining unwavering integrity and inspiring her teams to uphold their values and principles, resulting in purposeful and meaningful content creation.